Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving on up!!!!

So i moved into my place yesterday & im so excited! I have an amazing roomie....no weirdos!! haha!! We spent half the day packing, moving, & unpacking!! Gotta love moving right?!?! Now its time to completely unpack & organize everything!! I never realized how much CRAP i have & thats not even all of my stuff! I guess im kind of a hoarder.....but not the gross overwhelming ones! We live in a cute little 1 story with a basement....where i live.....aka the cave of wonders!! haha! Were currently looking for another roomie so we'll see what happens with that! I also just got accepted into UVU which I am so so so so excited about, its been about 4 yrs. since I've been back so it'll be an exciting, progressive, intense, etc. etc. change that'll be taking place! I wont be starting til jan. so I have a few months to get everything in order, especially my finances!! Bring it on!!!!