Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What is domestic violence, who's affected by this, how to deal with it.............has any one ever wondered about these questions?!? I've come to the realization how little i know about this subject!! I personally have dealt with wasn't physical but emotional and even on a minute level it can still effect everyone including the one being hurt!!

"Anyone can experience Domestic Violence the perpetrator can be a partner, ex-partner or family member. It is a pattern of behaviour that controls and dominates the victim and can leave them isolated and humiliated. 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetime and 10% of women suffer domestic violence in a given year."1 in 4........yes that said 1 in 4! That means if you're not being abused 1 of your 3 friends down the street is! Do you know who it is? Are you doing anything about it?

Rihanna was recently abused by her boyfriend Chris Brown over a small argument. She never expected it from him & was so in love & that's why she was blinded by the whole thing. When you're in that state and so blinded by it you dont even realize whats going on until it actually happens. She has also reported that "she is now stronger, wiser and most of all, fearless" I know I am, but not all women/men/children end up that way, in some cases it ends in death! Rihanna has been such an inspiration to so many people including myself....she is truely an amazing woman!

Ten Warning Signs of an Abusive relationship:
  • History of discipline problems.
  • Blames you for his/her anger.
  • Serious drug or alcohol use.
  • History of violent behavior.
  • Threatens others regularly.
  • Insults you or calls you names.
  • Trouble controlling feelings like anger.
  • Tells you what to wear, what to do or how to act.
  • Threatens or intimidates you in order to get their way.
  • Prevents you from spending time with friends or family.
Take some time out today & think about those men, women, and children who are being affected by this. You could be the difference in someones life! Take a stand for yourself if you're in this situation! Be the change you wish to see! Be safe, Be strong, just BE!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


So last week my best friends were havin a fashion show for their school and I got to perform in it!! We had so much fun getting ready......doin my hair, make-up, and picking out an outfit!! I danced to CANT TOUCH THIS by MC HAMMER!!! I pretty much killed it with my sick dance moves!!! Thanks girl for makin me look awesome!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Ok wow i havent done a very good job at keeping my blog updated im about 2 months behind!! life has changed a little bit since my last post. Im done with target and got a new job, well kind of!! I was offered a job through a temp agency to work for Franklin Covey, so i jumped on the oppurtunity and was hired a day after i got let go from target....can you say blessing!! So i found this really intersting, you know when you go in for a drug test they make you pee in a cup, well that wasnt the case!! I walking back to the room with the nurse and she's all "oh you came to get your hair cut huh?" i started laughing cus i totally thought she was joking so i joked back with her and she's all "no really we have to cut some of your hair out & send it to the lab." My heart instantly dropped & i almost ran out of the room but i figured i've had my hair cut super super short so it wont be a big deal!! haha ya right, when she was cutting my hair i could literally feel it being cut hair by hair!! When i left i felt the spot where she cut & it seriously was such a big chunk, I had to calm myslef down....haha ok not really but it was still a pretty big chunk! its only hair right, its grows back!!

So i started working for Franklin Covey in SLC, then got let cus it was super slow for us temps, but i must have done something right cus my boss wanted me to come back and work directly for Frankloin Covey. So thats exactly what i did. I had like 2 full weeks off before i started back up and i started to go a little crazy!! Goin from workin 40 hrs a week to 4 hrs a week was a BIG change for me, even though a couple days off was super nice to realx and get my life a little more organized. I started my training last week so now i work 7:30 to 4 everyday which is really nice, plus i have the weekends off which is super super nice cus now i can go to church!! I'll be doing inbound calling so people will just call in with their orders & i place it for them. Super chill so far and i like the people i work with so so far so good!!!


Arrrriba wicked witch of the west sexy police

Hmmmm...what else has been goin on!!! Ohhh halloween, halloween was a lot of fun. A couple days before halloween my friends & i went looking for our costumes and the weird person that i am of coarse i dressed up in random costumes, but i had so much fun!! I ended up bein a sexy cop!!! You're under arrest...hahah ok im not very good at it but i can pretend!! I went out with one of my really good friends and some of his friends. We went to like 4 parties that were so overly crowded but still so much fun!!! One of the parties was actually at a mortuary which was a little creepy in the first place but then they had a coffin you could actually get in....that was pretty morbid but you know i still got in it!!! We had so much fun that night just bein silly and dancing! I even met a new friend, she's super cute!!!!

There's not really any new love interests in the boy dept....just the usual 5 or 6 guys crawling at my feet!!! hahahaha ok i wish!!! No but really im just dating and havin fun. Im a GOOF just lookin for my BALL...ok i took that from a commercial but its so true!!!

Im gonna try my hardest and keep u all posted with whats goin on in my life from now on!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving on up!!!!

So i moved into my place yesterday & im so excited! I have an amazing weirdos!! haha!! We spent half the day packing, moving, & unpacking!! Gotta love moving right?!?! Now its time to completely unpack & organize everything!! I never realized how much CRAP i have & thats not even all of my stuff! I guess im kind of a hoarder.....but not the gross overwhelming ones! We live in a cute little 1 story with a basement....where i live.....aka the cave of wonders!! haha! Were currently looking for another roomie so we'll see what happens with that! I also just got accepted into UVU which I am so so so so excited about, its been about 4 yrs. since I've been back so it'll be an exciting, progressive, intense, etc. etc. change that'll be taking place! I wont be starting til jan. so I have a few months to get everything in order, especially my finances!! Bring it on!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So i turned 25 today & decided its about time that i let people in on whats goin on in my life!! Life is goin amazing! Just workin, dating, & lovin life! Im so excited to keep in touch with my family more & to see what everyone is up to!! Well thats all for tonight! Have a glorious night all!! LOVE YOU!!