Monday, November 9, 2009


Ok wow i havent done a very good job at keeping my blog updated im about 2 months behind!! life has changed a little bit since my last post. Im done with target and got a new job, well kind of!! I was offered a job through a temp agency to work for Franklin Covey, so i jumped on the oppurtunity and was hired a day after i got let go from target....can you say blessing!! So i found this really intersting, you know when you go in for a drug test they make you pee in a cup, well that wasnt the case!! I walking back to the room with the nurse and she's all "oh you came to get your hair cut huh?" i started laughing cus i totally thought she was joking so i joked back with her and she's all "no really we have to cut some of your hair out & send it to the lab." My heart instantly dropped & i almost ran out of the room but i figured i've had my hair cut super super short so it wont be a big deal!! haha ya right, when she was cutting my hair i could literally feel it being cut hair by hair!! When i left i felt the spot where she cut & it seriously was such a big chunk, I had to calm myslef down....haha ok not really but it was still a pretty big chunk! its only hair right, its grows back!!

So i started working for Franklin Covey in SLC, then got let cus it was super slow for us temps, but i must have done something right cus my boss wanted me to come back and work directly for Frankloin Covey. So thats exactly what i did. I had like 2 full weeks off before i started back up and i started to go a little crazy!! Goin from workin 40 hrs a week to 4 hrs a week was a BIG change for me, even though a couple days off was super nice to realx and get my life a little more organized. I started my training last week so now i work 7:30 to 4 everyday which is really nice, plus i have the weekends off which is super super nice cus now i can go to church!! I'll be doing inbound calling so people will just call in with their orders & i place it for them. Super chill so far and i like the people i work with so so far so good!!!


Arrrriba wicked witch of the west sexy police

Hmmmm...what else has been goin on!!! Ohhh halloween, halloween was a lot of fun. A couple days before halloween my friends & i went looking for our costumes and the weird person that i am of coarse i dressed up in random costumes, but i had so much fun!! I ended up bein a sexy cop!!! You're under arrest...hahah ok im not very good at it but i can pretend!! I went out with one of my really good friends and some of his friends. We went to like 4 parties that were so overly crowded but still so much fun!!! One of the parties was actually at a mortuary which was a little creepy in the first place but then they had a coffin you could actually get in....that was pretty morbid but you know i still got in it!!! We had so much fun that night just bein silly and dancing! I even met a new friend, she's super cute!!!!

There's not really any new love interests in the boy dept....just the usual 5 or 6 guys crawling at my feet!!! hahahaha ok i wish!!! No but really im just dating and havin fun. Im a GOOF just lookin for my BALL...ok i took that from a commercial but its so true!!!

Im gonna try my hardest and keep u all posted with whats goin on in my life from now on!!!


  1. lol i so love that quote i may have to use it some time cause i am just a goof lookin for my ball :P
    love ya girly

  2. I love that you have a blog! And you are one sexy cop!!

  3. The ist time I had a hair drugtest I wasn;t very happy either! Your lucky if the took only one chunck!! They took 3 from 3 diferent places on my head! My hair was half way down my back at the time! YOu really can feel them cut hair by hair too!